Unleash full potential of your Community

Samudai helps you to Analyse, Manage and Reward your Community Members by leveraging blockchain.

What do we offer?

  • Analyse
    See token distribution and interacting member interactions
  • Manage
    Group your community members and create roles and tiers
  • Reward
    Create highly customized NFT airdrops and reward members based on their contributions to the community.


We envision the following features for the full product release

  • Analyse

    • Community members engagement
    • Leaderboard/Ranking
    • Member Token Holdings Holders by Time
    • Token Distribution
  • Manage

    • Member Segmenting/Bucketing
    • Filtering by Role/Rank/Tokens/NFTs
    • Custom Ranking Score Conditions
  • Reward

    • Discord roles
    • Token Airdrops
    • NFTs Claiming
    • Whitelisting

Customizable rewards

Samudai gives you the power to track user contributions create highly customizable rewards for them on the go.

Screenshot 2021 09 16 at 11.18.03 pm

Supercharge your communities with NFTs and Tokens

Create rewards for top contributors and get insights into how people are interacting.

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    Reward Types
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    Chains Supported

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